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REgister for Hammerschool

Hammerschool is back for 2024!

From 3 August - 30 November we are running a course with lessons every two weeks in making (carpentry, metalwork, design dreaming, basic electrics). Over the duration of the course, we will be creating art for the Streetopia Festival in Observatory on 30 November.

Please fill in this form if you have not registered for Hammerschool in the past. Already registered? Click here.

We will use this email address, and the details in this form, to keep you in the loop about all of our workshops and initiatives.

Please note that Hammerschool 2024 will be a course and you would need to commit to all sessions in order to receive the certificate of completion at the end.

Please add your Name & Surname
Please note that the 2024 Hammerschool is specifically aimed at Women/Genderqueer/Non-Binary participants. If you identify as male, please do still fill in the form as there may be courses for you to join in the future.
Where are you from, why would you like to join the course, anything else you would like to share
Please add the number you use for Whatsapp - We will communicate with you this way, please make sure that it is working and that you check it regularly. If you don't have Whatsapp, please enter your phone number. We will not use your phone number for any other purposes without your explicit consent.
We will communicate with you via this address, please make sure that it is working and that you check it regularly.
This is a basic overview of the course schedule. These dates are consistent, but the topics are subject to change. The expectation is that you would be able to attend at LEAST 5 sessions in order to participate in the course. If you attend all sessions you will receive a certificate of completion.
We are trying to keep the cost of participation to a minimum and we have funding from the City of Cape Town to keep the programme costs as low as possible. This means we are able to offer sponsored places for those who can not afford to attend. Please consider making a contribution to the programmes running costs. This will help future proof the programme.
If you can make a contribution towards this project, please tell us how you would like to do this (cash, EFT, how much, other ways you can contribute, etc). If you are requesting sponsorship, please motivate your request. If you need more information, and/or have additional considerations on this topic, please email
Lunch is a thing, and we'll be supplying lunch for everyone attending the workshop. So please let us know what are your food preferences, so we can make a meal plan. If you selected the option with allergies, we will be in touch for details of this.
We will use this group to share ideas and update you of any changes to the course that may come up.
We want to build a network of support and solidarity beyond the workshops.